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A trip between two countries, two cultures and with one objective: Santiago.



The Portuguese Camino de Santiago, a variant of the famous route that heads to Santiago from Compostela, offers pilgrims an experience that goes beyond the spiritual. Cyclists immerse themselves in the natural diversity that characterizes the route.

Along the beautiful routes, bicigrinos witness the beauty of nature, from lush forests to enchanting coastal landscapes.

The adventure is intertwined with history and culture, making each step an opportunity to discover both the natural environment and cultural heritage.

Every year, more than 400,000 people of different ages and nationalities embark on this unique journey, where the connection with nature and the excitement of adventure are intertwined in the search for meaning and personal discovery.



Living with people from different parts of the world is the best way to learn about a place.


Throughout the trip it is possible to delight in beautiful landscapes, varied vegetation and get a great energy recharge.


In addition to the great benefits that physical exercise brings, it enhances the belief that the fears and limits you set for yourself can disappear.


While discovering places with countless historical, architectural and landscape value, you can taste the best dishes of international cuisine.


The Camino has a mentally, emotionally and spiritually transformative power for both religious people and those who are not.


Max. 20 people




Mechanic or EBike

330 kms

Last 6 stages of the Portuguese Way



Traveling the Portuguese Camino de Santiago by Bike, from Porto to Santiago, over 330 km in 6 days, is to immerse yourself in a unique experience.

Along the coast, this journey takes you to discover the cultural richness and scenic beauty of the region.

For 9 days, you’ll explore picturesque towns, immerse yourself in revitalizing spas, and enjoy delicious local cuisine.

We design days that allow you to connect with nature, live moments of adventure and explore the authenticity of each place along the way.

ZocoCamino will be with you every step of the way, providing you with logistical support and the possibility of managing the best options for your bike trip.

Always with the best bike options, both electrical and mechanical.

Throughout this experience, you will connect deeply with the coast and the local culture, ensuring that you fully enjoy every moment of this unforgettable part of this famous variant of the Camino De Santiago.



Once you begin your experience you won’t have to worry about a thing. Your transfers, meals, drinks, snacks, insurance, and more, will be taken care of by our team.



The pilgrim credential is a kind of passport that must be stamped at each stage of the route. It has its origin in the document that, during the Middle Ages, was given to pilgrims as safe conduct.

It serves as a passing certification to request, at the end of the pilgrimage, the Compostela.

With Zococamino you will not have to worry about these aspects since, in the welcome kit, the pilgrim’s credential is included and we will take care of the delivery of the Compostela during the last gala dinner.


OF 500€

At the request of our pilgrims, we have designed a payment plan that makes it easier for you to guarantee your spot on any of our trips with an initial payment of 500 Euros. You can enjoy your chosen trip if you complete the total value before the start date of the experience.





Day 1. Arrival in Porto

Our staff will be at the hotel reception at the designated time to welcome you.

Later we will share a dinner with a briefing to meet the rest of the participants and we will give you the instructions for the next day.


Day 2. Visit Porto and Winery​

First day where we will visit the city of Porto, at the mouth of the Douro River.

Like all large European cities, it has a perfectly preserved historic center, which develops along both banks of the river.

During the day, we will visit the main emblematic sites of the city on foot, we will have typical Portuguese food for lunch and we will visit a winery of the famous and appreciated Port wine.


Day 3. Stage 1. Porto - Esposende. 60 km

First stage leaving through the streets of Oporto and along the right bank of the mouth of the Duero River.

After just over 15km we will reach the Atlantic and its beaches. Throughout the day we will have the main Atlantic beaches on our left.

We will pass through the famous fishing village and birthplace of sailors of Vila do Conde.

The positive slope of the stage will be 195m.


Day 4. Stage 2. Esposende - Caminha. 55 km

Today we have a very complete day with spectacular landscapes.

We will continue along the Atlantic coast, but we will have moments where we will go inland, where we will navigate along wide roads, although at some times we will have to use our knowledge and expertise to advance along the route.

The end of the stage will be located at the mouth of another of the most important rivers of the Iberian Peninsula, the Miño. Navigable river that is the natural border between Portugal and Spain.

The positive slope of the stage is 480m.


Day 5. Stage 3. Caminha - Valença - Tui - La Guardia. 60 km

Today we will finish in a demanding climb that will allow us to have a beautiful view from the Spanish side of the mouth of the Miño River, after climbing it our stage will end so we can enjoy spending a night at the highest point of the Portuguese Way and very close to the town. Celta, from Santa Tecla.

The stage will pass along the banks of the Miño River and we will cross the Spanish-Portuguese border.

The positive slope of the stage is 400m.


Day 6. Stage 4. La Guardia - Baiona - Vigo. 60 km

We will descend from the mountain as soon as the stage begins and the landscape will change completely; We will once again contemplate the Atlantic Sea to our left and in the middle of the stage we will pass through the walled town of Baiona.

We will leave the fishing village of Baiona and leave the Atlantic Ocean behind us, going up the beautiful Vigo estuary. We will finish the stage in the Port city of Vigo, cradle of the development of Galicia.

The positive slope of the stage is 640m.


Day 7. Stage 5. Vigo - Pontevedra - Caldas de Reis. 55 km

A stage with continuous ups and downs, all day traveling along corridors (paths covered by tree branches) and next to small streams.

It will be a demanding stage because the kilometers accumulated after several days of pedaling will be noticeable in our body.

Despite everything, we will have our reward, since we will pass through the City of Pontevedra.

The positive slope of the stage is 700m.


Day 8. Stage 6. Caldas de Reis - Santiago. 45 km

Our bicycles will fly away knowing that Santiago is nearby.

We will have some leg-breaking paths, with continuous ups and downs. We will pass through the famous town of Padrón.

Then we will arrive in Santiago through the south of the city, they will be the last climbs of El Camino. Surely some tears of emotion will appear on our faces.

To conclude, we will enjoy a farewell dinner along with the delivery of our well-deserved diploma known as “La Compostela”.

The positive slope of the stage is 500m.


Day 9. Return to Porto

We will have breakfast at the hotel and we will have free time in the city of Santiago until the bus leaves for our point of origin, Porto.

Once the transportation back to Porto has been taken, we will conclude our services, which we hope you have completely enjoyed.

Do you want us to send you a detailed program?

DATES 2024

From May 2 to May 10

From May 30 to June 7



2.200 € *


PEr person.

Mechanic MTB BIKE rental


Electric MTB BIKE rental





Reserve your spot by making the total payment for the experience.

2.200* Single Payment
  • The total price of the experience is €2,200* per person.


Reserve your space with a first payment.

500 First Payment
  • The total price of the experience is €2,200* per person.

* Contact us and ask about our active promotions

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Do you have questions about this experience?


A guide always with you.

You will have the company of a specialized guide and support staff throughout the experience, leaving enough space for you to enjoy the journey at your leisure and talk with your companions.

Support car at all times.

You have the peace of mind of having our support car available for any situation, for example, if you need to rest or go ahead on a stretch. We are not limited to just emergencies.

The best accommodations.

On the Way, hostels with a room and bathroom shared by 4 or more people predominate. We have chosen hotels and rural houses to offer you privacy and a better rest.

Quality and warmth in the service.

As a Colombian, I know the warmth and kindness that represents us. From us you will always receive personalized, familiar and close treatment even if you are far from home.

An amazing first day.

We include a first day of initiation to the Camino, highly valued by our pilgrims in which we visit the most magical places on the Camino before starting to walk from Baiona.

Picnics in the nature.

In addition to our special gastronomic outings, you will enjoy Picnic-style lunches, in front of the most amazing landscapes of the Camino and tasting the best of Mediterranean food.

All- inclusive trips.

Once you arrive to Oporto, your transfers, meals, drinks, snacks, insurance and others, will be in charge of our team. Our groups are small in order to provide personalized attention.



If your question is not in this list or you want to learn more about a topic, please contact us for assistance.

The VIP Walking experience includes your accommodation in double rooms with private bathroom, each night you share a room with one person from the group. (Max. two people per room)

If you come as a couple, as a family or with friends, you can choose who accompanies you. If you come alone, we will place you with a person of your same sex, who will be your partner or roommate throughout the trip.

Remember that you will only share with one person belonging to the group. If you want a single room, we can talk to quote the extra amount to pay.

The Way is a very busy destination, it is likely that in some towns there is no possibility of having a single room.

The support car is reserved solely for our Walking pilgrims. Therefore, it is not possible to bring a companion who does not participate in the experience.

You can offer your companion the option of signing up for the experience and they can have our support car if they need to rest or go ahead on a stretch, we will take care of accompanying and guiding them and you can enjoy the pace you want.

Remember that this option is allowed in our Premium version Paths (Customized, under quote). If you want to talk with us to quote a Camino Premium you can write to us at

To participate in this route and that you can achieve your goal of walking the 110 km, you must be in good physical shape.

It is not necessary that you be an advanced hiker, with a minimum of preparation it is enough. It is good that you start training a month or two before coming to the trail in order to avoid fatigue or sore muscles during the experience.

If you are not used to walking, you can start a training program, walking one hour a day during the week and two hours a day on weekends, achieving an average of 4.5 km per hour, perseverance is more important than traveling many kilometers a single day and then abandon. We recommend that you wear the same footwear that you would bring to the Way.

The most important preparation is on a mental level, you must be aware that you will be out of your comfort zone and in contact with another culture, you will also share with people from different parts of the world.

Every day we will get up early and travel an average of 20 km. Meal times will be different from what you are used to, we will spend most of the time in rural settings and it is possible that during the tour it will rain, be cold or we will have to walk on wet ground. Nothing that an adventurous mind does not know how to take advantage of.

The basic program foresees paths with easy slopes.

Yes, regardless of the entry requirements that Spain demands according to your country of origin.

ZocoCamino has some measures to guarantee the protection of its pilgrims.

It is necessary that you use the mask in the indicated places and that you wash your hands or use hydroalcoholic gel frequently. In addition, we will maintain a constant disinfection of the Support Car and our work elements.

Your medical insurance included in the price of the experience, has coverage in case of suspicion, symptoms or being diagnosed with COVID 19 during your trip.

Remember that by booking any of our experiences, you are committing to follow the security instructions of the ZocoCamino team.

Each pilgrim may carry a single suitcase or backpack of max. 23 kg of weight that will be transported in a vehicle from hotel to hotel. (If you bring more suitcases with you to Spain, you must leave them in storage in Madrid)

To get used to the way of traveling of the pilgrims, avoid carrying unnecessary luggage on the Way. You don’t need: Jewelry, books, elegant or party clothes or shoes, iron or hair dryer, towels, sleeping bag, umbrella, wallets.

Suggested List:

  • 3 Hiking or adventure pants.
  • 3 T-shirts
  • 2 T-shirts and spare sports pants to rest and walk.
  • Bathing suit for the Spa.
  • 1 light long-sleeved shirt.
  • 1 pullover (jacket, sweater) or long-sleeved sweatshirt. (also in summer)
  • 2 pairs of sneakers, one for walking and one for walking. It is important that they are not new.
  • Shoes for the shower (Flip-flops)
  • Seamless synthetic socks.
  • Underwear for 10 days.
  • 2 pajamas or sleepwear.
  • 1 windbreaker raincoat.
  • Cap and sunglasses.
  • Bag of basic toiletries.
  • Cream with high sun protection.
  • Personal documentation.
  • Medications that you take or that you anticipate needing (It is very important to bring the prescription)
  • 1 light notebook (If you want to write down your thoughts or experiences)
  • Universal plug adapter

On some selected dates, you will need the following warm items:

  • 1 Waterproof Coat.
  • Wool cap.
  • Wool or first layer gloves.
  • Neck or scarf.

You must bear in mind that lunch and accommodation on the 9th day is not included and we will end our services when we are back in Madrid.

You may need to bring extra money if you want…

– Meals and drinks not specified in the program.

– Upgrade to a single room.

– Carry extra luggage to the one allowed (1 suitcase or backpack per person).

– Visit payment monuments.

– Buy Souvenirs.

Yes, you can enjoy this route with children from the age of 10 who have experience walking. It is necessary for one of the parents or family member to take care of him and not leave him alone at any time, even if he chooses to rest in the support car.

You can travel with your group in private as long as they are 12 or more people. In this case, you will also enjoy a special 10% discount on the total value of the trip.

If your group is smaller, we will accept more pilgrims until completing the 12 places.

The group must accommodate our available dates for the VIP Walking Path.

If you wish to carry out the experience on the dates of your choice or a totally private trip as a couple or with a group of less than 12 people, you can choose to quote a Camino Andando Premium version.

The VIP experience, either by bike or on foot, is a pre-designed experience, which is carried out in a group and on the dates that we have chosen. The activities and the tour are carried out without any modification.

The Premium experience is the option that we offer you so that together we can design a route that suits you, if you want to come in private, as a couple or with your own group, add or remove stages, more or fewer days, include other activities, etc. The Premium experience is made under quotation since the price varies according to the dates, the number of days, the stages, the activities and the number of people to include.

If you want to plan a Camino Premium with us, you can contact us at

For us, all the stations on the Santiago’s Way have their charm. The best time to do it depends more on your personality and tastes when traveling.

The months of May and September have pleasant weather and fewer tourists than the summer months.

Between March and April Holy Week is celebrated with many religious representations and we have the first shoots of spring.

Summer is lived from June to August, they are the hot months although normally in Galicia we do not have temperatures as high as in the rest of Spain, there is more influx of tourists and more atmosphere on the Camino.

October is the ideal month to experience a change of season and enjoy the colors of nature, the fall of the leaves and the beautiful sunsets that autumn gives us.




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